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I can only give you one piece of advice: Open your Heart and let your heart lead your life. If you would now reply: “Ok” and go start doing it, my work and website could end here. But probably a little voice in you starts objecting: “if I open my heart I may get hurt”, “I will only open my heart when I find somebody to love”, “What my heart wants is impossible”, “What will the people think when I follow my heart and do what I really want”.

Well, that voice that you hear is your ego. Your ego wants to keep you where you are: in your comfort zone and it wants security. It doesn’t really care if you are happy with your life. It has a powerful tool to achieve its goals; the brain. The brain is very creative in producing thoughts. You may dislike your job, but with a lot of thinking like “it brings in good money”, “it’s not so bad after all”, “I’m lucky I still have a job these days” and so on, you manage to go to work every day until the next vacation and maybe even until your retirement.

The brain can also create emotions like anger and fear. For example fear of being alone, so you stay in that relationship that, deep in your heart you know, has turned loveless.

That brings us to the heart, my favorite topic. The heart is directly connected to our higher-self and soul. Your heart knows you the best and it knows your true potential and can see the path you should follow to achieve your life’s goals and have a good life.

Unfortunately with bad life-experiences we tend to close our heart and stop listening to it. It may come from our childhood where spontaneous actions from the heart were not appreciated and we got punished for “inappropriate behaviour” or we got very hurt when we opened our heart to someone, but got treated badly. To prevent further hurt we closed our heart and started to show expected behaviour, ignoring the feelings we have deep inside.

It’s time to open your heart again. With opening your heart you can release the hurt and anger, you keep locked inside. You make space for love that wants to come in: love for yourself. Love for yourself is the basis that is needed for a good life and only when you love yourself, you can truly love others.

I probably tell you nothing new, but I know from my own experience how difficult it is to open the heart and keep it open. I myself couldn’t have done it without help and therefor I have made it my work to help others with opening their heart and have a better life. In my Open-Heart sessions I look together with you why you closed your heart and help you to take the blockage away so you can open your heart again. I teach you to look differently at life and let you gain faith in your heart.

At the end of our sessions I hope you will have gathered all the wisdom and tools needed to live your life out with open heart and continue your life-path in peace.

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